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Creative Thinking

1 Hr 20 Min

Develop creativity and imagination through art projects like drawing, painting, crafts, collage, and more.

Students learn how to observe the structures and features of objects around them and express their thoughts and passion for art through their styles.


They will also have a chance to try different art mediums such as watercolors, markers, colored pencils, acrylic paints, and clay to expand their scope of creation.

Learn the basics of a variety of art mediums and experiment with a range of themes.

We lead students further into improving lines, colors, shapes, composition, proportion, 3D, and perspective.

Students will each work on their independent project with original ideas.

Teachers guide students to research and form concepts to enhance technical skills while retaining the students unique art style.  


1 Hr 40 Min


2 Hr

Focuses on advanced skills with drawing, painting, and the use of 3D media.

Students will communicate original ideas and be able to convey their thoughts in their artworks with visual context.

We aim for students to gain the ability to work independently and make creative choices in their work.

This program's goal is to further promote creative understanding, knowledge of materials, and advanced technical skills.

Ever wanted to become a fine artist?

Our adult art classes present students with a unique, one-on-one learning experience.

From the first art lesson you will begin building a solid foundation of fundamental art skills that will last a lifetime. 

Small class sizes comes a lot of personal attention and the chance to really hone in on your artistic development.

This program covers everything from fundamentals of drawing to composition, color theory, acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings.

Ideal for all experience levels, ages 18+.


 3 Hr

College Portfolio Prep

3 Hr

This program is required for students preparing for OCSA and college admissions portfolio.


Visual arts and digital media classes are designed specifically for college admissions and supplemental portfolio's. 


A portfolio will demonstrate a student's range in ability to deliver their idea's creatively and showcase skills.


Whilst considering each school's admissions criteria, Musée Roma Art Center assists in preparing portfolio's 

unique to the student's personality and creativity with the necessary techniques.

Paint Brushes
Kids in Art Class
Painters Palette
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