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Digital Art + Animation

Learn fundamental art and animation techniques as well as how to apply those skills in a digital medium!

Our experienced teachers provide incredible opportunities for creativity and introduce key concepts including photorealism, animation, concept sketching, portraits, and more to help build each student's artistic portfolio.

*Students must supply their own hardware(i.e., tablets, software, stylus, pens, etc), and bring all charging equipment to class.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday




Musée Roma mentors children with the guidance needed to make their work ready to enter various regional, national, and international art competitions.

Throughout this class, students will develop their own unique ideas for their chosen contest and meet all the necessary guidelines and requirements in order to be accepted into each competition. 

In addition to improving their art skills, students will also be expected to learn how to carefully follow instructions, and keep track of due dates.

Every Tuesday



Stationary photo
Colorful Birthday Party

Birthday Parties

We offer an amazing birthday experience for our guests, making it a party to never forget. Get a chance to customize your birthday art party!

Guests are welcome to provide their own food and drinks for the party. Reservations can be made using the inquire button below.

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